Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Missing LMU Friends

My friend/old roomate Laura came down to Orange County from San Jose to visit last Friday. I was so excited to see her because I hadn't seen her since Malia and I had moved out of our L.A. apartment. The reunion was complete when my friend Allison drove down from L.A. to go to dinner with us and then go out afterwards. It was so fun to all be back together and catch up on each other's crazy lives (cause, you know, a lot can happen in 3 months). Malia and I are staying in Orange County, or as long as we know we are, Allison is living in L.A., and Laura is moving to Limerick, Ireland on August 31st to do a master's program over there at the University of Limerick. Luckily, since Jessica and I are going to Europe for a little over the month in October/November, I'll be able to visit Laura in Ireland since I'll already be over that way. I'm already getting excited.

The picture from left is Malia, Allison, Laura and I at another Hot N' Swayze performance in a friend's backyard.

Friday, August 1, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Last Saturday the High School group returned from Hume Lake and let's just say it was the BEST homecoming EVER. Without going into too many details it was the most trying week for me, emotionally and spiritually, and I am so glad that it is over. Overall I learned that God has a plan in any circumstance and that I just need to give everything to Him, because I can't do anything on my own.

On a better note, while up at Hume I was able to hang out with my friend Jocey, who is working up at Hume this summer, and who recently signed on to work full-time up at Hume. Although I was so sad to hear that she wasn't going to be coming back to Tustin, I was more excited for her that she finally knows what she is going to be doing these next 3 years, and that God has opened these doors for her up at Hume. I have to admit I am somewhat jealous that (A) she has a job, and (B) she gets to work and live up at Hume Lake. We were even able to bike ride up to the house she'll be living in while working up at Hume.

I have to say that even though it was a tough week, the Lord truly blessed me with an amazing staff that was so encouraging and really lifted me up during a hard time. Jocey, Jessica, Alyssa, and Katelyn really encouraged me up at Hume while I struggled with my cabin. Mark Adair was also someone who really lifted me up when I wanted to go home and was in hysterics. I am completely grateful for these people who put a smile on my face when I was completely hopeless.

All I have to say is the LORD IS GOOD.

Here are some snapshots from the week.

My Cabin
My Small Group

High School Staff

My Best Friend, Jessica

My friend, Whitney, who is working up at Hume this summer

Together since Calvary: Alyssa, Jocey, Me, and Jess

My cabin on crazy spirit day!

My best friend, Jocey, who is working up at Hume indefinitely

My Cabin